You Have a Cracked Tooth: How Can Your Oral Surgeon Help?

A fractured or cracked tooth is cause for concern. You need to visit your dentist or oral surgeon right away.

Cracked Tooth

If you ignore your cracked tooth, the damage gets worse, the pain increases and infection can set in and spread.

Assess and Treat the Injury

No two tooth injuries are the same. The type and extent of tooth trauma depends on how the injury happened and what area of the mouth bore the brunt of the damage.

From car accidents to sports injuries, your vulnerable teeth can be harmed so many ways, and visiting the oral surgeon is your best recourse for prompt diagnosis and treatment.

The first step is to examine the injury. The surgeon may use digital X-rays to get a complete picture of the damage. As a rule, if the crack only affects the crown (the top part of the tooth) it may be salvageable. All you need is a root canal to eradicate bacteria and prevent infection, and a new crown to stabilize the remaining tooth fragments.

If the crack extends below the gum line, it makes it difficult to keep the tooth. Your dentist may recommend an extraction, especially if fragments of the tooth are missing.

Sometimes a tooth crack isn’t visible, such as when it’s in the root. These don’t usually exhibit symptoms until an infection develops. The surgical team will do everything possible to remove only the damaged portion of the tooth, but a complete extraction may be necessary in this case.

Once you have reviewed your treatment options, the oral surgeon will begin your procedure. Your oral surgeon is well-practiced in removing damaged nerves, saving teeth when possible and extracting fractured and cracked teeth that can’t be rescued.

Monitor the Healing Process

Once you’ve had surgery for a cracked tooth, the surgeon’s office will give you detailed instructions on how to handle the healing process at home. They also will schedule a follow-up appointment to ensure you have not developed complications.

Offer Restoration Options

Getting a cracked tooth removed isn’t the final step — you need to decide what to do about the gap left in your smile. If you do nothing, your body will begin to reabsorb the jawbone, since it’s not being used. Your oral surgeon will help you review your options for a cracked tooth restoration, including dental implants — a long-lasting solution.

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