Tooth Restoration Match Your Teeth

Will Your Tooth Restorations Match Your Teeth?

Tooth restorations are great investments that can last for decades, giving you the full smile you want and deserve! But you may worry that the tooth restorations won’t match your teeth. Will it be easy to tell your teeth are replacements, or will they blend in seamlessly?

Tooth Restoration Match Your Teeth

It’s a question we get a lot from our patients, and we’re happy to help you understand what to expect before you get tooth restorations, or how to correct any mismatching after you’ve had your restorations for years.

Shade-Matching Minimizes Color Contrast

In general, before an implant is designed and placed, the shade is matched. The replacement tooth is created to look exactly like your missing tooth. The color is designed to also mimic the shade of your teeth so it blends seamlessly. While you may notice the difference under close inspection, for the most part, a professional implant won’t be noticeable to others.

Natural Teeth and Restorations Can Discolor with Age

It’s important to note that both tooth restorations and natural teeth can change color over time. The dentin in natural teeth can stain, and teeth can also wear down.

If your restoration was placed many years ago, maybe you’ve started to notice a slight discoloration with age. Older products were less durable than the materials used today, and if you use a highly abrasive toothpaste, it could have worn down the restoration’s outer protective layer, exposing it to potential staining.

Make Prevention Your Main Approach

While teeth whitening is one option, the most effective way to reduce staining and a potential mismatch between restorations and natural teeth is to prevent stains before they appear. It’s important to use a gentle cleaning agent and a soft-bristled toothbrush. Hard scrubbing will wear down the enamel on all your teeth.

When you consume beverages that have a high potential for staining, such as coffee or tea, try to drink them with a straw. Red wine is another common teeth-stainer. Try to rinse with water and gently brush your teeth soon after consumption.

What Should You Do if They Don’t Match?

If you can’t find a resolution to your mismatch problem, enlist the help of our team at Northeast Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. We can replace old, outdated implants with modern, high-quality materials that are much more resistant to staining and match your teeth perfectly. Let’s work together to give you the smile that will get bigger every time you look in the mirror. Call us today to set up a consultation.