Why Remove Wisdom Teeth All at Once?

Removing wisdom teeth all at once sounds intimidating, but your oral surgeon thinks it’s best for you.

Remove Wisdom Teeth

Not everyone needs their wisdom teeth removed, but when it’s required, it’s smart to do it all at once.


Prevent Future Problems

Getting one or two wisdom teeth out at a time means the entire removal process is extended. This gives your wisdom teeth a chance to develop cavities, it impacts the alignment of your other teeth and has an overall negative effect on your oral health.

Even if your wisdom teeth aren’t causing trouble, you never know when a developing third molar can become impacted or infected. Once your oral surgeon says it’s time, removing wisdom teeth all at once guards against future dental problems.

One Recovery Process

What if you only had two teeth removed at a time? You may think that’d be an easier experience, but it’s not — generally. Most oral surgeons agree that the level of discomfort you’ll feel directly following surgery of two versus four wisdom teeth isn’t significantly different.

Also, going through two recovery procedures means you need to take double the time off from work, school and fun. It takes three to four days to start feeling better, so you don’t want to do it twice if you don’t have to.

One Bill

Whether you choose general anesthesia or nitrous oxide, you’ll need to pay for it to be administered twice if you aren’t removing your wisdom teeth all at once. That may hurt your wallet, depending on your dental insurance coverage.

On the other hand, if your dental insurance places a cap on how much it will pay out in one year, you may benefit financially from two procedures. Ultimately, your dental insurance plan controls the financial aspect, so find out the facts before you schedule your procedure.

Talk to Your Oral Surgeon

Everyone has different needs, so discuss your concerns and preferences with your oral surgeon. If you have a wisdom tooth that will prove difficult to extract due to its positioning, maybe your oral surgeon will recommend waiting to remove the others.

Go over your options and trust their professional recommendations.

Call Northeast Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery to find out whether removing wisdom teeth all at once is the right choice for you.