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Why Oral Health Is Important as You Age

Oral health is always vitally important to whole-body health. You don’t reach age 65 and all of a sudden not need dental care any longer. In fact, regular oral care becomes more important than ever.

Why should you continue to make your dental care a top priority? Why is it a pivotal part of your physical wellness?

oral health age

Losing Your Natural Teeth Isn’t Inevitable

First off, think about the confidence you feel sporting a mouth full of natural teeth. The thought of losing your teeth as you age might make you feel despondent, for good reason. But hold on — losing your teeth isn’t just a natural part of aging.

Daily cleaning and regular dental checkups are your first steps toward preserving your natural teeth well into retirement. It also comes down to what you eat and drink. Cutting out sugar, drinking plenty of water and filling your diet with fresh fruits and vegetables has a health-boosting effect on your teeth.

Gum Disease Can Cause a Host of Other Health Problems

When gum disease develops, it can affect many other areas of your body as well, especially if your immune system is already weak due to another illness or condition.

For example, gum disease can make it harder to control your blood sugar if you have diabetes. Diabetes also puts you at a higher risk of developing gum disease.

Gum disease can lead to an infection in the lining of the heart — endocarditis. This can aggravate cardiovascular disease and raise your risk of heart attack or stroke.

You Can Get Relief from Dry Mouth

Just like losing your teeth, dry mouth is sometimes considered a symptom of aging you have to live with. It’s not!

Visiting an oral health professional can help you get to the bottom of what’s causing your dry mouth, whether it’s a medication or an oral health condition. You can get relief when you trust a professional’s advice.

Spot the Signs of Oral Cancer Early

Finally, visiting your dentist or oral surgeon is even more important as you age because these professionals are fully trained to spot the signs of oral cancer in its earliest stages. The earlier you receive treatment, the higher your chances of a complete recovery.

What Should You Do if You Notice an Oral Health Issue?

If you notice something out of the ordinary in between your biannual checkups, don’t wait for your next appointment. Get the care you need by calling your dentist or oral surgeon right away, especially if you notice raised red or white patches in your mouth or you have a tooth that suddenly becomes loose

Northeast Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery is here for you as you work on prioritizing your oral health, especially as you enter your golden years. We have a wide range of tooth restoration options available, and our caring team wants to see your oral health only improve with age.