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Why Do Oral Surgeons Require Consultation Appointments?

Whether you’re seeing an oral surgeon for the first time or you’ve been a patient for years, you can’t simply schedule an appointment for your procedure over the phone —you need to come in for a pre-surgery consultation.

But why is this necessary? Finding the time for one appointment can be difficult enough, let alone making room in your busy life for two separate visits to the oral surgeon!

The truth is, many procedures are complex are require planning — both on our end and yours, as you may need to make arrangements for the day of your oral surgery and the recovery period.

Your consultation appointment helps us and you to prepare.
Oral surgeon near Carmel IN

Oral Surgery Often Requires Anesthesia

Chances are, you would like to be under anesthesia when you undergo oral surgery. Several options — including oral sedation, laughing gas and intravenous (IV) sedation — are available, but the choice of which to use requires careful consideration.

Some types of anesthesia are not safe for use in patients with certain chronic health conditions, and drug interactions can occur with some prescription and over-the-counter medications and herbal supplements. Because of the potential safety risks, your oral surgeon will not administer anesthesia without a consultation to discuss your medical history.

Surgical Treatment Isn’t Always Simple

You may think you need to come in for a routine procedure, but the situation in your mouth could be more complicated than you realize.

Wisdom teeth removal, pre-prosthetic surgery, dental implant placement — every surgical treatment has the potential to require multiple procedures. And even if your oral surgeon can complete your treatment in a single office visit, neither of you can know this ahead of time.

For that reason, scheduling a consultation appointment to have your surgeon take X-rays and conduct a professional evaluation is essential.

Consultation Appointments Allow Patients to Plan

Depending upon the nature of your treatment, your oral surgeon may ask you to take certain steps in advance of your surgery. You may, for example, need to fast for several hours, quit smoking, take a course of antibiotics or discontinue using a particular medication.

In addition, you might need to arrange for a friend or family member to accompany you to your appointment. And time off from work or school may be necessary to recover.

So, though making time for a pre-surgery consultation may be a challenge, the appointment allows time for advance preparation. Your oral surgeon will be able to plan the safest treatment approach, and you will be able to plan for surgery day and recovery.

Northeast Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, serving the greater Indianapolis area for more than a decade, is the go-to source for expert surgical treatment with a compassionate touch. We aim to provide every patient with a positive oral surgery experience, and consultation appointments help us accomplish this goal.

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