dental implants are a smart use of your money

Why Dental Implants Are a Smart Use of Your Money

When you’re choosing among dental implants, bridges or crowns, what’s the deciding factor that will convince you one option is best?

dental implants are a smart use of your money

For many of our patients, it comes down to price, or rather, the return they will receive for their investment. At Northeast Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, we welcome all your questions about tooth restorations, and we work hard to match each patient to the tooth restoration solution that’s right for them.

But when it comes down to longevity and the financial side, we believe dental implants are the best use of your money, especially when you take into account all the other benefits you receive along the way. What makes dental implants better?

They Don’t Decay

Crowns and bridges technically decay, often because decay begins at the gumline and spreads to the rest of the restorations’ structure.

Implants are made of titanium roots and are impervious to this problem. While you still have to spend time cleaning around the tooth, this is mostly for the benefit of the neighboring natural teeth. In five to 10 years, it will still be functioning as well as the day you had the procedure. That is why you get such a great return for your money.

They Strengthen Surrounding Teeth and Entire Jaw

When you lose a tooth, your jawbone can start to decay, since there is no reason for it to continue sending nutrients to that area of the bone. This can result in a sunken appearance in your face and can make it difficult to get tooth restorations later, if you so desire. Deterioration of the jawbone can threaten the stability and health of nearby teeth.

An implant takes care of this problem. Since it anchors directly into the jawbone, it’s telling the body to continue supporting this region of the bone. It prevents other teeth from shifting and moving. This can prevent many future expensive complications from tooth loss.

Your Smile Is a Major Self-Confidence Boost

Finally, think about how confident you’ll be in your professional life when you have a complete, full smile. You won’t be scared to go for that big promotion or new position — you’ll have the self-assurance you need. It’s one of the less obvious, but still pertinent ways dental implants can help your finances.

When Compared to Other Options …

When you sit down and analyze all your options for permanent, long-lasting tooth restorations, there is one clear winner: dental implants. While crowns and bridges have their places, dental implants are the top choice when you’re looking for a solution to last longer than a few years. Contact Northeast Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery to learn more about our placement procedure and what you can expect through every stage of the process.