When Tooth Restorations Don’t Match Your Natural Teeth

When Tooth Restorations Don’t Match Your Natural Teeth

Tooth restorations are vital to restoring your smile if you’ve lost a tooth due to decay or injury, and dental implants are normally the solution of choice. They look just like natural teeth and they fit precisely in place of your old tooth. You get your smile back!

When Tooth Restorations Don’t Match Your Natural Teeth

But what happens when the coloring is off? If your implant stands out, tooth restorations are obvious and your smile isn’t as perfect as you would expect.

Though your oral surgeon likely worked hard to match your implant to your teeth at the time of placement, over time the color of your teeth can change, resulting in an implant looking more obvious. This is normal and you can find a solution.

When Your Implant Is Placed

When your oral surgeon has your implant created, they attempt to match the color to your teeth as closely as possible. It’s not particularly difficult, but problems can arise if your natural teeth change color enough to make a difference between them and the implant noticeable.

Is Staining to Blame?

Natural teeth are prone to staining. This is because they are porous, and many of the foods and drinks you consume are acidic. As time goes by, dark coffee and red wine take their toll and natural teeth can yellow. It might not happen overnight, but with your dental implant as a measure, you may start to see how your natural teeth age and they don’t stay white.

On the other hand, your dental implant could be what’s causing the mismatch. Your teeth may have retained their color, but your implant might be showing its age. Dental implants are supposed to retain their brightness over time, but old tooth restorations don’t perform as well as products used today.

Prevent Tooth and Implant Staining

To keep your tooth restorations the same shade as your natural teeth, it’s critical to prevent staining of both. You can whiten your teeth after the fact, but it’s better to stay proactive.

Don’t scrub as hard as you can — this will only wear down your enamel. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and a whitening toothpaste to eradicate stains.

Also try drinking acidic beverages with a straw. Rinse your mouth after drinking coffee and wine and stay consistent with your oral health routine.

Talk to Your Oral Surgeon

If you find whitening and prevention methods don’t work, replace faded tooth restorations with our help. The team at Northeast Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery can offer upgrades from older dental implants, especially if the color wasn’t matched properly or it hasn’t proven to be as stain-resistant as a newer implant would be.