Do I need a tooth extracted?

When Is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

Oral surgeons turn to tooth extraction as a last resort. We can save many problem teeth, and aim to do so whenever possible.

However, even with the advances in modern dentistry and the skill of a highly-experienced oral surgeon, some teeth are simply beyond saving. For the following five dental problems, tooth extraction is often the only viable solution.

Do I need a tooth extracted?

Severe Dental Decay

A filling or dental crown can save some decayed and damaged teeth When tooth decay goes untreated for too long, however, restoration may not be possible. In that case, the recommended course of action is typically extraction.

Overcrowding of the Mouth

Some people have too many teeth or small, underdeveloped jaws, either of which can make the mouth crowded. Tooth extraction – sometimes in conjunction with orthodontic treatment – can be an effective approach to the problem.

Tooth Impaction

When the canine teeth are impacted or stuck in the gums, every effort is made to save them – after all, the canines are crucial for proper bite alignment and mouth function. When the wisdom teeth are impacted, extraction is usually the answer, as the third molars perform no vital role.

Risk of Infection

Sometimes, teeth that are at risk of becoming infected need to be extracted. This is often the case with wisdom teeth, as they’re difficult to clean properly and are prone to problems. In patients with compromised immune systems, other teeth may require extraction to avoid infection.

Lack of Support

Teeth need healthy gums and a foundation of bone to remain securely in place. Advanced gum disease and jawbone degeneration are two oral health conditions that can rob a tooth’s roots of the support it needs. And when teeth become loose, extraction may be unavoidable.

Oral Surgeons are Experts in Tooth Extraction

General dentists can complete simple tooth extractions, but oral surgeons have the skill, knowledge and training to handle complex procedures. Complications are unlikely with an oral surgeon, but should any arise, they can be easily resolved – and this may not be the case with a dentist.

An oral surgeon can also offer expert advice on dental implant surgery and other methods of tooth replacement, which is often necessary after an extraction. So, all things considered, pulling teeth is a task best left to an experienced local oral surgeon.

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