What Is Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment?

Platelet rich plasma treatment helps your body’s tissues heal faster after surgical procedures, specifically dental implant surgery, tooth extractions and jaw surgery.

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment

Up until modern technology made this technique available for outpatient surgery, it was only used in hospitals, due to excessive associated costs and complex processes. Now, you can use your own platelets and reduce the time spent in recovery after your next procedure with the help of your oral surgeon.

What Are Platelets?

When the healing process begins, your body sends many types of cells to the affected region, including platelets. Platelets help form blood clots, but they also contain growth factor, which stimulates the regeneration of new tissue and bone. When additional platelets beyond what the body would normally produce are sent to the area, the healing process is expedited.

How Does It Work?

Platelet rich plasma is filtered out of a small sample of your own blood and placed in a centrifuge. Your dentist or oral surgeon will then apply the sample to the area immediately after completing the surgical procedure.

This type of treatment is highly effective in the oral surgery setting. Common complications can make the healing process uncomfortable, especially after a tooth extraction or jaw surgery, but from infection to swelling, platelet rich plasma is a proven way to drastically lower the risk of secondary conditions and help reduce pain and inflammation in patients.

When the body heals fast, the possibility of developing complications decreases.

Specific Advantages for Healing

Compared to other methods of assisting recovery post-surgery, platelet rich plasma outshines them all. Why?

For one, this treatment poses no risk to the patient. The platelets that are collected are derived from your own blood, eliminating any chance of an adverse reaction or negative effects. The platelets are also easy to collect. In fact, the blood sample can be drawn at the beginning of the surgical procedure and the plasma can be ready for application within minutes.

It is also accessible to nearly everyone. Most patients qualify for this type of treatment, with the exception of people who suffer from blood clot disorders.

Because of the ease of withdrawal and application, it’s a low-cost treatment and it provides great benefits to patients. Whether you are scheduling a bone graft surgery, a dental implant placement or a jaw alignment, you should consider utilizing this treatment as a way to reduce recovery time and decrease pain.

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