What Are the Most Dangerous Foods for Your Mouth

What Are the Most Dangerous Foods for Your Mouth?

Knowing what foods are dangerous for your mouth can help you avoid costly and painful trips to your dentist and oral surgeon.

If you’re not careful while playing sports and break your leg, it’s easy for your body to heal itself. Before you know it, you’ll be back on the field running just as fast as ever.

With your teeth and mouth, however, it’s a different story. If your teeth get damaged, you’ll need fillings, implants or any one of the dozens of techniques commonly used to repair teeth.

Luckily, your teeth are strong, and by avoiding excessive amounts of these foods, you can also avoid some problems. Below we list some of the most dangerous foods for your mouth.

What Are the Most Dangerous Foods for Your Mouth

1. Chewy and Sour Candies

Sugar wreaks havoc on your teeth, especially when it gets stuck in crevices, so that’s the main problem with chewy candies.

Chewy candies, such as Sour Patch Kids, cling to the teeth so sugar residue stays on for much longer. It’s better for you to reach for a chocolate bar than for chewy candies.

2. White Bread

Bread contains a lot of starches. The saliva in the mouth breaks down these starches into sugar. As a result, when you eat bread, you often have the same problem as when you eat sweet chewy candy.

The bread gets gummy and sticks in your teeth. As the saliva breaks it down, the sugars start to eat into the enamel.

3. Alcohol & Sugary Drinks

Alcohol, soda, juices and other sugary drinks are usually loaded with two things: sugar and carbonation.

You know sugar is bad, but did you know that carbonation is highly acidic? More acidity erodes the outer layer of defense on your teeth.

Another problem with alcohol is that it dries out your mouth. This makes it hard for your saliva to do its job to protect you from infections and other diseases.

4. Citrus

Just like acidic carbonated drinks negatively impact your enamel, so too does citrus. If you eat something like an orange or pineapple, you should brush your teeth soon after.

5. Ice

Your enamel is tough. However, it’s not invincible and will wear down over time. You can best protect your teeth by not chewing anything hard, such as ice. This causes it to break down even faster.

While all these foods and drinks are fine in moderation, if you have too much, they can damage your teeth and mouth. For more information about dangerous foods for your mouth, call our office.