Should you see an oral surgeon for tooth extraction

The Benefits of Seeing an Oral Surgeon for Tooth Extraction

When you need a tooth extraction, your first inclination is probably to call your dentist. However, trusting this procedure to an experienced oral surgeon is often the safer approach.

Virtually all dentists perform basic tooth extractions and many offer anesthesia and sedation options as well, just like an oral surgeon. However, if your tooth extraction has any complications, your dentist may not be equipped to handle the issues.

Should you see an oral surgeon for tooth extraction

Your Dentist Can Handle Simple Tooth Extractions

General dentists can sometimes remove teeth without a problem. If your tooth is in relatively good condition and has straight roots, your dentist likely has the skill to handle the extraction.

Without an X-ray, however, it’s difficult to determine the full scope of a tooth’s potential issues. You might think you’re going in for a simple extraction — and you could be right — but that may not always be the case.

If you visit the dentist and your procedure isn’t simple and straightforward, you’ll have to see an oral surgeon anyway. So it may make better sense to skip the dentist and head straight to the surgeon instead.

Your Tooth Extraction Could Become Complicated

Even if your X-rays indicate that a tooth should be simple to remove, it may not be.

The tooth root could fracture during the extraction, requiring the removal of the fragments and possibly some of the surrounding bone. Or the tooth may need to be removed in sections, which might require an incision in the gums.

If your extraction turns out to be complex, an oral surgeon has the skill, training and expertise to handle it.

Trust Your Tooth Extraction to a Highly Skilled Oral Surgeon

Identifying the right oral surgeon to perform your procedure requires careful consideration.

For the best care and treatment, choose a board-certified oral surgeon with extensive experience and an established reputation. Talk with your friends, family members and co-workers — if any have had a tooth pulled, their insight can be invaluable. Reading reviews and testimonials can also help you find the right professional for your tooth extraction procedure.

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