April Dawn

The customer service I experienced in the office today was second to none. Not only today but the last few weeks as I have had to call and reschedule twice. Everything I’ve needed and any questions I’ve had have been handled with patience and understanding. I had a broken molar extracted that I have put off for almost a year because I was terrified due to past experiences elsewhere. The front desk staff have been so kind-hearted and warm. They are insurance coverage/financial gurus. How do they know all that stuff?? The assistant (whose name I didn’t get) could have just done her job but instead went above and beyond, choosing to match my fear with compassion. She offered me a blanket and even held my hand through the numbing. Dr. Partridge was awesome. He has a wonderful personality and trustworthy character. His level of skill was easily noted in the 60 seconds it took to get my tooth out. I appreciategreat customer service and this place has taken it to another level! THANK YOU!!!