same day implants

Same-Day Implants Pros and Cons

Same-day implants aren’t a new concept — they were introduced back in the early 90s, but have increased in popularity in recent years. It’s normal for patients to want an immediate fix, but is that what same-day implants provide?

same day implants

Clear Benefit: Your Confidence Is Back

The most obvious advantage to same-day implants is that you can walk away with a full set of teeth. Instead of having to wait months to get your permanent replacements, you see an immediate improvement in your smile.

This can help you regain your confidence at your job and in your personal life. It’s part of the reason people choose this option — it’s convenient and fast.

Bone Growth Remains a Priority

As fast as it may be, same-day implants don’t provide a shortcut for bone growth. The whole point of implants is that they are a permanent solution that is solidly embedded in your jawbone. This isn’t something you can create in one appointment.

It takes time for a jawbone and implant to integrate. As the body heals, it will begin producing new bone cells to anchor the implant in place. This process will take place over the course of the next six months, and it should be the main priority that guides your dentist or oral surgeon’s at-home care guidelines.

You Still Need to Rest Your Jaw

To facilitate bone growth and long-term implant success, your dentist or oral surgeon should prescribe the same diet as they would for regular implants that only have temporary crowns attached: soft foods and plenty of liquids.

You should not eat tough, chewy foods like steak. You can’t eat crunchy foods like apples or carrots either. It’s vitally important that your implant does not move during the healing process.

The temptation with same-day implants is to treat them like regular teeth right away. While they may look like regular teeth, you should still be acutely aware of the healing process that must take place to prevent the need for future procedures. Otherwise, one of the main benefits to same-day implants — the need for only one visit — will not be realized.

Talk to Your Oral Surgeon

Northeast Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery is dedicated to providing long-term, permanent fixes for our patients. The available jawbone and the specific teeth that you’ve lost will dictate the right treatment for you. Schedule an appointment with our office today to learn about our implant process and more information about same-day implants.