Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet rich plasma therapy is one of the most progressive and effective techniques available today to speed up the healing and tissue regeneration process. Used in dental and oral surgery, this technique uses the patient’s own blood to boost the body’s ability to repair itself. PRP reduces bleeding and pain, enhances the healing of soft tissues and speeds bone regeneration.

How PRP Works in Oral Surgery


Prior to your procedure, our surgical staff will collect a small amount of your blood. By processing the blood in a special centrifuge, technicians derive a concentrated form of plasma dense with blood platelets. When applied to the surgical site, platelets halt bleeding and kick-start the healing process.

PRP also contains a high concentration of a protein known as growth factor, or GF. GF is the primary mechanism your body uses to accelerate bone and soft tissue repair. By placing your own platelets and GF at the site of your extraction or surgical procedure, we concentrate your body’s healing resources to shorten recovery, reduce the risk of complication and minimize pain and discomfort.

Oral Surgery Procedures that Benefit from PRP

Medical research supports the use of PRP therapy for a variety of surgical applications; however, it has proven to be extremely beneficial in tooth extractions, implant surgery and orthognathic procedures of all types.

In extractions, for example, patients commonly can experience complications from excessive bleeding, inflammation and a painful condition known as dry socket. In many cases, dry socket leads to secondary infection at the extraction site. By infusing the socket with PRP, these complications and risks are significantly reduced, as is surgical pain and swelling.

Platelet Rich Plasma is Virtually Risk-Free

Unlike many techniques used to enhance healing, PRP poses little to no risk to the patient. Because the patient’s own blood provides the source for the plasma, the procedure is completely safe. In fact, no complications or adverse effects have ever been recorded with PRP.

At Northeast Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, we are proud to bring platelet rich plasma therapy to Indianapolis, Carmel and the surrounding communities. The safety, comfort and quick healing of our patients is important to all of us, and we look forward to showing you the many advantages of using PRP in your oral surgery procedure.