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Getting Wisdom Teeth Removed Later in Life

wisdom teeth

It’s ideal for wisdom teeth to come out before the patient turns 25 years old, but if you missed your window of opportunity, don’t worry – it’s still possible. And if your wisdom teeth weren’t causing problems when you were younger, but now your dentist says it’s best if they’re out, you aren’t alone. Your procedure won’t […]

Planning for Dental Implants: 5 Steps 

Planning for Dental Implants

Dental implants provide longevity. They’re a permanent solution for missing teeth, and better yet, they look just like your natural teeth. But it’s not as simple as walking into your oral surgeon’s office and ordering a set of dental implants. Below are the five steps you will go through leading up to your dental implant procedure, so you know what to […]

What Is Root End Surgery? 

Root End Surgery

Root end surgery is recommended when a root canal — or multiple root canals — are unsuccessful at clearing infection and relieving pain and discomfort. While dentists are usually able to treat inflammation and infection near the affected tooth’s root, sometimes an oral surgeon’s expertise is required to carry out root end surgery, also called an apicoectomy. […]

What Are Your Options for Congenitally Missing Teeth?

What Are Your Options for Congenitally Missing Teeth?

Congenitally missing teeth is a rare condition — only 2 to 4 percent of the population experiences it. It might seem like a straightforward condition at first, but replacing congenitally missing teeth quickly gets more complex than you might expect. You want a complete, healthy smile — what are your options?  Hypodontia: It’s in Your Genes Being born without some of your teeth is called hypodontia. […]

What Type of Anesthesia Is Used for Implant Surgery?

What Type of Anesthesia Is Used for Implant Surgery?

When you’ve planned your implant surgery, you might find you have more and more questions leading up to the procedure date. How long do I need to take off work? What can I eat afterward? And most importantly, I won’t feel any pain during the procedure, right? We want to make sure our patients are fully prepared so they […]