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What if Your Wisdom Teeth Never Come In?

When your wisdom teeth don’t emerge, seek the opinion of an oral surgeon

Typically, the wisdom teeth (aka third molars) erupt between the ages of 17 and 25. So what if you have hit your mid-20s and your third molars haven’t come in? Is this a problem? Although it’s not necessarily cause for concern, it is important to consult with an oral surgeon to find out exactly what’s […]

Should You Visit an Oral Surgeon or an Orthodontist?

oral surgeon or orthodontist

Oral surgeons and orthodontists perform some similar services, but they often treat different issues. They are alike in that they have both completed four years of dental school and have a solid understanding of dental anatomy, oral health and the use of anesthesia and radiology in diagnosis and treatment. In addition, both are dedicated to […]

Is Dental Implant Surgery an Option for Your Child?

Dental implants are not generally right for children

When adults have missing teeth, dental implant surgery is usually the best remedy. Tooth implants are far superior to bridges and dentures in function, feel and appearance. Plus, implanted teeth help prevent bone loss in the jaw. But what about children? If your child happens to fall and lose a tooth — and it isn’t […]

What to Expect from Corrective Jaw Surgery Recovery

Corrective jaw surgery recovery

If you need of corrective jaw surgery, you likely have questions about what the recovery period will be like. Every procedure is unique, so for the most part, answers about what to expect afterward will come from your oral surgeon. However, having a basic understanding of the corrective jaw surgery recovery experience can help put […]

Factors that Affect the Difficulty of Wisdom Tooth Removal

Details regarding wisdom tooth removal

For some patients, wisdom tooth removal is easy. But for others, extracting the third molars is much more complex. How difficult will your procedure be? Make sure to ask your oral surgeon before the day of your extraction so that you understand what to expect during recovery. Every patient has unique considerations when it comes […]