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Healing from a Tooth Extraction? Why a Saltwater Rinse May Help

A saltwater rinse can relieve tooth extraction discomfort

To speed healing after a tooth extraction and have a more comfortable recovery, you need to follow your oral surgeon’s aftercare instructions. And one of the guidelines you’ll likely be given is to use a warm saltwater rinse in the days after your procedure. Why rinse with a saltwater solution? Simply put, salt has natural […]

When to Call Your Oral Surgeon After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom tooth removal complications

With a highly-experienced oral surgeon, wisdom teeth removal typically comes with a smooth and easy recovery. The vast majority of patients – even those with impacted wisdom teeth — heal up without a problem. But, complications can occur. After you undergo wisdom tooth extraction, you’ll need to watch for certain warning signs. If you should […]

How Dental Implants Can End Your Denture Problems

Dental implants versus dentures

Are your dentures driving you crazy? Dental implants are the ideal solution. Implanted teeth can support both partial and complete dentures, and implants provide a beautiful, stable smile that seems completely natural in every way. You don’t have to live with denture problems any longer – get dental implants, and any frustrations with your tooth […]

Complications After Oral Surgery: How You Can Prevent Problems

How to avoid complications from oral surgery

Recovery from oral surgery can take at least a few days, but most patients find the experience to be smooth sailing. Complications rarely occur after tooth extraction, facial surgery, bone grafting, dental implant placement, jaw reconstruction and other oral procedures. That said, oral surgery, just like every other type of surgery, does carry a risk […]

Treating Impacted Canine Teeth

Impacted canine teeth

For impacted canine teeth, extraction is not the solution. The wisdom teeth have little to no effect on appearance or bite function. So, if they’re impacted, they’re extracted. When the canines, or cuspids, are stuck beneath the gumline and unable to erupt in the proper position, oral surgeons work with orthodontists to solve the problem […]