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Dental Sedation Options

Dental sedation helps oral surgery patients get through certain procedures easier, but one size does not fit all when it comes to matching the patient with the medication. It’s important to know what your options are before you undergo any oral surgery procedure, especially if you have specific allergies or medical conditions to consider. What’s […]

Recovering from Jaw Surgery: 6 Tips to Keep You Comfortable

Recovering From Jaw Surgery

Jaw surgery is a serious medical procedure. It’s not the same as wisdom tooth removal. You will need to take one to three weeks off from work in order to let your body rest and heal, especially if you have double jaw surgery and your mouth is wired shut. It’s important to closely adhere to […]

6 Steps to Prepare for Your Oral Surgery

Prepare for Oral Surgery

You may not be excited about your oral surgery, but if you follow your trusted dental professional’s recommendations, you will be happy after the healing process is complete. To make the oral surgery recovery easier, you can start preparing now. Here are six things you should do before you arrive at the surgeon’s office on the morning […]

Could a Dental Cyst Be Causing Your Pain?

Dental Cyst Pain

A dental cyst is a fluid, tissue or air-filled sac that can form within the jawbone. The first step in determining the right treatment course is to identify the type and location of the cyst, then your oral surgeon can decide what steps to take and if surgical removal is the right option. What’s the […]

Is TMJ Disorder Disrupting Your Life?

TMJ Disorder

TMJ disorder can throw your everyday life into disarray. The pain from this condition can spread throughout your mouth, down to your shoulders and cause problems with sleeping, eating, focusing on tasks and more. Learn more about what causes TMJ disorder symptoms and what you can do to resolve your condition. What Is TMJ Disorder? […]