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When Is Ridge Augmentation the Right Choice?

ridge augmentation

Ridge augmentation helps avert jawbone loss after a tooth extraction by preventing bone erosion. If you recently had a tooth removed, or your dentist or oral surgeon thinks it might be necessary, a ridge augmentation procedure may be recommended right after your tooth is removed. How does a ridge augmentation preserve your remaining natural teeth […]

Why Oral Health Is Important as You Age

oral health age

Oral health is always vitally important to whole-body health. You don’t reach age 65 and all of a sudden not need dental care any longer. In fact, regular oral care becomes more important than ever. Why should you continue to make your dental care a top priority? Why is it a pivotal part of your […]

Maintaining a Dental Implant Over the Years

dental implant

Is maintaining a dental implant difficult? This is a question our team gets all the time, especially when our patients are deciding if they should get dental implants, bridges or crowns. What makes dental implants stand out is their longevity. Implants are designed to last up to 25 years. The reason it’s “up to” is […]

5 Ways Your Oral Surgeon Can Calm Your Nerves During Oral Surgery

nerves during oral surgery

The prospect of oral surgery isn’t exciting for most patients. However minor the procedure, they are mostly worried about what they will feel during their time in the surgeon’s chair. When you are expecting a stressful, uncomfortable experience, it makes the anticipation worse than the actual procedure! Don’t worry — oral surgeons are highly trained […]

Do You Have a Dental Abscess?

dental abscess

A dental abscess is painful, dangerous and generally unpleasant. When bacteria have their way in your mouth, it creates problems for your gums and teeth. What should you do if you have a dental abscess? What Is an Abscess? A dental abscess is an infection that takes one of three forms: A gingival abscess is […]