prepare for oral surgery

How to Prepare for Oral Surgery

Before getting oral surgery, it’s important to prepare both mentally and physically. Not only will this help you recover faster, but it will also make the experience less stressful.

prepare for oral surgery

Take a look at our checklist below to help you get ready for your next procedure.

1.Stay Well-Informed

You need to know what you are getting yourself into. Take the time to schedule a consultation with your doctor or oral surgeon. Go over the risks, benefits and goals of the surgery.

Ask as many questions as you can. Staying well-informed will help thwart fear and doubt.

2.Get Emotional Support

You can’t do surgery alone. Not only will you need a ride home from the appointment, but you’ll also want someone there to take care of you for at least a day or two.

Trust us when we say that after surgery, you won’t want to get up and clean the kitchen or make dinner. The more stress you can avoid, the faster your mouth will recover. Don’t be shy in asking your friends or family members for help.

3.Don’t Eat the Day of the Procedure

This tip is especially important if you are going under anesthesia. In fact, if you’ve eaten too close to your surgery, the surgeon might not perform the procedure. This is because the sedative can cause complications with the food that could lead to choking.

If you’re worried about being a burden, ask two or three people and split up the time when you’ll need help.

4.Understand the Rules After Oral Surgery

After your surgery, you still need to go through the recovery process. This means only eating what your doctors say is allowed and avoiding exercise and other strenuous activities.

Usually, the best thing you can do after surgery is rest. We recommend binge watching your favorite television shows and napping. If you can, delegate all your responsibilities to others.

If you don’t have someone who can help with the surgery, try to stock up on dinners and foods in advance. Smoothies and soups can be made ahead of time and frozen, ready to whip up at a moment’s notice.

Bonus Tip: Eat All Your Favorite Crunchy Foods the Week Before

If your mouth can handle it, be sure to snack on some of your favorite crunchy treats before the surgery. Afterward, you’ll have trouble eating these foods. By getting a taste before your surgery, you can avoid the temptation to sneak your favorite foods and risk hurting your mouth.

Have more questions about oral surgery? Contact our team at Northeast Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. We’ve done hundreds of surgeries and can give you all the information you need to have a positive experience.