How Soon After Dental Implants Can I Go Back to Work

How Soon After Dental Implants Can I Go Back to Work?

Dental implants help you smile — wide, and with confidence. They can make you feel like you can take on the world! But you have to heal first.

How Soon After Dental Implants Can I Go Back to Work

Dental implant surgery recovery time is dependent on the individual. The extent of the procedure, how your body responds and how you handle discomfort will influence whether you can go back to work immediately or if it’s better to wait longer.

Below are some questions to help you determine your projected recovery timeline after dental implants.

How Many Implants?

Implants typically require multiple procedures. First, your oral surgeon will schedule any bone grafting needed to support the jawbone and ensure the implant will be supported. Next, after the graft has healed, which could take nine months or more, the abutment — the post that the implant will be anchored to — is solidified in the jawbone. Finally, the new tooth is attached, completing the procedure.

While the final step may not require any recovery time at all, the bone grafting and abutment-placing may leave you sore. If you are having a large area worked on with the intention of getting multiple dental implants, you will probably need more recovery time as well.

How Do You Feel?

Everyone reacts differently to dental procedures. Are your jaws and cheeks swollen? Is it hard to talk and chew? These are two indications that you need to rest and let the swelling recede before you return to your normal schedule. If you develop an infection, this is another sign you need to lengthen your rest period.

What Type of Work Do You Do?

Do you have a desk job or do you do physical labor? You should not do physical activity immediately following dental procedures due to the risk of bleeding. If you are sedentary while at work, your oral surgeon may give their approval for you to return as soon as the next day, but you should always pay attention to your body’s warning signs.

Take Care of Yourself

To expedite healing, make sure you closely abide by your oral surgeon’s instructions after getting dental implants, and after your bone graft and abutment are placed. Keeping your mouth clean is at the top of the priority list. Use the recommended mouth rinse to wash away bacteria periodically throughout the day.

You also should not smoke during your recovery, as this can drastically lengthen your healing time.

At Northeast Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, we’re committed to your best recovery after dental implants. Trust our team’s recommendations on when it’s OK to return to work.