dental implants

How Dental Implants Save Money

More than 3 million Americans have dental implants, and 500,000 more people get them every year. Why are dental implants so popular?

dental implants

As the next best thing to natural teeth, dental implants are your most cost-effective restoration option. You might not be able to get your real tooth back, but you can get a permanent, durable replacement that looks, fits and functions just like your old tooth did.

Look at the Alternatives

It’s true — in most cases, a bridge or a crown would cost much less up front than dental implants. However, a crown will likely only last about 10 years. Bridges last about five to seven years, although they can theoretically last up to 10.

When you think about it, the lifetime costs of having a bridge and crown replaced every decade add up. Sure, the sticker price might be cheaper right now, but remember that you have to pay that price repeatedly.

With the right dental implants, you’re investing in what’s expected to be a permanent solution. Implants may need periodic adjustments, and you may need to replace them after 25 years if you have other dental issues, but you can expect your implants to serve you for the long-term. Have confidence — dental implant procedures boast a 98 percent success rate.

Here’s another great cost-saving benefit: Dental implants don’t get cavities. You still should clean and take care of them as you would natural teeth by brushing and flossing, but your implants will never need fillings, potentially saving you even more money.

Besides the Cost-Saving Advantages …

Implants have many other unique benefits that have nothing to do with the cost. For example, dentures can fall out. Bridges can come loose. Implants are sturdy and permanent, giving you the freedom to eat whatever you want and talk and laugh without fear!

In addition, since implants stabilize and solidify your jawbone, your face retains its natural shape. They also help you speak normally, unlike dentures, which can be a difficult adjustment.

How We Can Help

Replacing lost teeth is important. Your jawbone can begin to deteriorate if you have missing teeth, which can affect neighboring teeth. Those adjacent teeth can also shift, making it difficult to smile without feeling self-conscious.

Northeast Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery offers dental implants that blend in perfectly with your natural teeth. Reach out today and set up your free consultation. We will assess your case and give you a clear view of what we can provide and what kind of results you can expect.