Dental implants versus dentures

How Dental Implants Can End Your Denture Problems

Are your dentures driving you crazy? Dental implants are the ideal solution.

Implanted teeth can support both partial and complete dentures, and implants provide a beautiful, stable smile that seems completely natural in every way. You don’t have to live with denture problems any longer – get dental implants, and any frustrations with your tooth restoration will be in the past. Here’s what you can look forward to when you ditch your dentures.

Dental implants versus dentures

Superior Comfort

Having a hard time getting used to wearing dentures? Many patients find them to be completely uncomfortable – they just don’t feel right. Others have it worse, experiencing irritation in the gums and throat.

Dental implants don’t come with these problems. Implanted teeth feel natural, as if they grew in place. The fit is phenomenal because the artificial tooth roots fuse with the jawbone. With implants, you’ll forget you even have artificial teeth!

Improved Confidence

Do you dentures ever slide around in your mouth? Have they ever fallen out? Do your artificial teeth make clicking noises when you talk or eat? These issues are extremely embarrassing and can diminish your self-confidence.

With dental implants, you won’t have to worry about slippage or strange sounds. Implanted teeth are just as stable and secure as natural teeth, so you’ll be able to smile, talk and eat without feeling self-conscious.

Food Satisfaction

Dentures come with a long list of foods to avoid. Nuts, raw vegetables, popcorn, steak, crunchy snacks, sticky sweets – all of these are off-limits. The dietary restrictions can be seriously depressing for anyone who loves to eat.

Get dental implants, and you’ll be able to enjoy all of your favorite foods. With implanted teeth, you can eat anything you like.

Lifetime Results

Dentures need to be relined or adjusted on a regular basis, and most patients need new dentures every ten to twelve years or so. Plus, wearing dentures for years makes the face look sunken and aged. All of this is the result of jawbone atrophy, or bone loss in the jaw – which is inevitable since dentures don’t have tooth roots.

Implants function as replacement tooth roots. Their placement in the jaw means implanted teeth stimulate bone growth – jawbone atrophy doesn’t occur after implant surgery. And, implants are permanent tooth restorations. With solid oral hygiene habits, they’ll last a lifetime.

Are you ready to swap out your dentures for dental implants? The professional team at Northeast Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, serving the central Indiana area, specializes in tooth restoration. Our board-certified oral surgeons, Dr. Garrison and Dr. Kelly, have extensive expertise placing implanted teeth and performing related oral surgery procedures.

Let the Northeast Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery team can put an end to your denture problems – contact our Indianapolis, Indiana, office and schedule a consultation to discuss dental implants today.