Facial surgery recovery tips

Facial Surgeons’ Tips to Minimize Post-Surgical Discomfort

A highly experienced facial surgeon will take every precaution to ensure you have a smooth and easy recovery. However, there’s no denying the fact that recovery from any surgical procedure is likely to involve some level of discomfort.

To keep your pain at a minimum and enjoy a fast recovery, it is imperative that you carefully follow your facial surgeon’s instructions. You can also take a proactive approach to help speed the healing process.

Facial surgery recovery tips

What to Do Before Facial Surgery

Taking the right steps before your procedure can help minimize your post-surgical discomfort.

Make sure to tell your facial surgeon about all the prescription and over-the-counter medicines, vitamins and supplements you take. Most should be safe to take as you normally do, but some medications — including certain blood thinners and osteoporosis drugs — can cause complications.

In addition, take good care of yourself in the days leading up to your facial surgery. Eat healthy foods, stay hydrated and get plenty of sleep.

Take time to prepare a cozy recovery spot, too, so that you can come home and relax after the procedure. Arrange to pick up any prescriptions you may need prior to the day of your facial surgery to avoid having to stop at the pharmacy on the way home.

What to Do After Facial Surgery

You’ll have less post-surgical discomfort if you rest and take it easy when you’re recovering from facial surgery.

Be sure to take any pain medication your facial surgeon recommends — and don’t miss a dose, as that could result in increased pain. Using ice packs and propping your head up with several pillows can also help, as this reduces swelling.

Get plenty of rest and avoid strenuous physical activity. Consume only liquids and soft foods as your facial surgeon directs and be diligent about keeping your mouth and incisions clean. Your aftercare instructions should explain how to properly handle this task.

What NOT to Do After Facial Surgery

Skipping your medication is not advisable if you want to minimize post-surgical discomfort. Plus, exercise, sports and heavy lifting are also off-limits after facial surgery, as strenuous activities increase your chance of complications.

Smoking is also a bad idea after facial surgery, as it delays the healing process. What’s more, the act of drawing on a cigarette can irritate the incisions and dislodge the blood clots, creating further problems as well as increased pain.

Drinking through a straw is another no-no, as it has the same effect as smoking on the incisions and blood clots. And speaking of beverages, don’t drink anything alcoholic. Alcohol hinders the healing process, leading to a longer recovery.

Mild discomfort or pain is to be expected after facial surgery, just as with any other surgical procedure. But in the hands of a highly experienced facial surgeon, you can enjoy a more positive recovery experience.

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