facial imaging

Facial Imaging Helps Your Oral Surgeon Help You

Facial imaging is a technological advancement that helps oral surgeons and doctors of every specialty deliver higher-quality care to their patients.

Facial imaging is used in many ways: to diagnose problems, assess injuries, plan surgeries and more. How exactly does it pay off for you?

facial imaging

You Want Lasting Dental Implants

When you invest in dental implants, you are hoping for the best-case scenario. You expect they will be placed in exactly the right spot, they will integrate into your jawbone and they will look natural. Most of all, you want them to last for years.

Facial imaging helps make this a reality. A computed topography (CT) scan shows jawbone density and the placement of all the nearby blood vessels and nerves. This information is critical to a successful dental implant procedure.

You Want Fast TMJ Treatment

When there is a problem with your jaw, you want it fixed as soon as possible. The locking, clicking, popping and pain has to go. It’s quite likely that you have temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, and depending on which part of the joint is affected, your oral surgeon can offer a range of treatment solutions that will bring an end to your suffering.

Facial imaging tells oral surgeons exactly which part of the joint isn’t functioning correctly. You’ll get the right treatment to rehabilitate your jaw.

You Want Efficient Wisdom Tooth Removal

Everyone who has to have their wisdom teeth removed would like the procedure to go smoothly and swiftly. The quicker those problematic molars are out of your mouth, the better.

Facial imaging helps your oral surgeon make this happen by revealing the location of the nerves in your gums and the exact orientation of each wisdom tooth. They can plan their approach with care so you spend less time at their office.

You Want Facial Trauma to Heal Correctly

If you have a facial injury, it’s important that the medical professionals who are assessing the trauma understand the full extent. You may have hairline fractures that will only show up on advanced tests.

Using this testing method, your oral surgeon will determine the best treatment for your injuries. Do you need surgery to stabilize your jawbone? Facial imaging helps them make the right decision.

You Don’t Want Surgical Complications

No matter what type of procedure is scheduled, the more your oral surgeon knows in advance, the smoother the surgery will go. Facial imaging gives your oral surgeon a complete picture of what to expect, helping them deliver the best care possible. Fast, efficient, effective surgeries can translate to smooth, peaceful, powerful recoveries.

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