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Do You Need an Oral Surgeon for Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Many people get wisdom tooth removal, but how do you find an oral surgeon?

Oral Surgeon Fishers Indiana

When you’re looking for wisdom tooth extraction for you or a family member, you must choose the right dental professional to handle the procedure. Does this professional have to be an oral surgeon? While we acknowledge that many dentists are highly skilled in this area, we believe that an oral surgeon is more qualified to perform the extraction.

It’s an Intricate Procedure

While wisdom tooth removal is considered safe and almost routine given its success rate, it’s still an intricate procedure. A number of structures in the face are near the extraction site and could be affected by removal of the third molars.

For example, the sinus cavities are above the upper teeth. It’s important for the dental professional to avoid puncturing the sinuses, which would lead to complications. Disruption to critical nerves near the lower teeth could cause temporary numbness throughout the jaw.

Who Should You Turn To?

A licensed oral surgeon is a dental professional who has dedicated years of study to procedures of this nature. While a general dentist is trained to perform a wisdom tooth extraction, oral surgeons specialize in this field. A general dentist may manage an occasional surgical procedure like wisdom tooth removal, but it’s what oral surgeons do every day.

Still, our team at Northeast Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery fully affirms the role of the general dentist in the process. They know their patient well, and their input is valued as our teams work in conjunction to deliver the best results.

Pain Management Is Important

Another key reason you may want to choose an oral surgeon versus a general dentist is their ability to administer pain medication. Oral surgeons are fully trained and licensed to administer IV sedation, while some dental offices are not.

If you’d like this level of medication versus local anesthetic or nitrous oxide, you may want to elect for an oral surgeon to manage your case.

Relax in Our Comfortable Office Setting

Northeast Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery puts patient care at the center of our practice. Our comfortable, relaxing office atmosphere will help calm your nerves before wisdom tooth removal.

Even if you know the procedure is safe, you may still feel anxious leading up to it. We are fully aware of this fact and we make it our priority to help you get through your appointment with ease. With our thorough preparation and compassionate follow-up care, you are in good hands.