Are Dental Implants Ruined by Teeth Grinding

Are Dental Implants Ruined by Teeth Grinding?

Dental implants are the ideal solution for patients with missing teeth who would like a permanent fix. But dental implants don’t work for every situation. They are intended to last a long time, and while they’re much stronger than bridges, they aren’t immune to damage, especially during the healing process, and that’s when teeth grinding can play a negative role.

Are Dental Implants Ruined by Teeth Grinding

The Effects of Bruxism

Bruxism, the official term for teeth grinding, can ruin both your natural and restorative teeth. The jaw is much stronger than you realize, and the force it generates as you clench your teeth has the potential to damage your enamel and bone.

In fact, one of the top reasons implants fail is due to bruxism. When you get a dental implant, a titanium post is embedded in your jawbone and a dental cap is placed on top. It takes months for this post to fully fuse to the bone and heal, so when you grind your teeth and put pressure on the implant, it can prolong or even derail the integration process.

Can I Still Get Implants?

Do you grind your teeth? Many patients have no idea because they grind at night while they are sleeping. Some of the signs you grind your teeth are cracked enamel or indications of excessive wear on the tooth surfaces. You may have headaches during the day or your teeth may feel more sensitive as the enamel wears down.

As long as you address the bruxism problem, it is possible to get dental implants. Depending on the cause of your bruxism, your dentist may be able to mitigate negative side effects by fitting you with a custom mouthguard to take the pressure off your teeth and new implants. If your bruxism is related to stress, they may recommend practicing stress-relieving techniques, especially before you go to sleep.

Treating Bruxism Is Vital to Your Long-Term Health

Chronic teeth grinding isn’t just detrimental to implants — it’s bad for your health. Once your enamel wears away, it does not regenerate.

Tooth damage can leave you susceptible to bacterial infections, gum disease and ultimately, tooth loss. Without a full set of healthy teeth, you could experience digestive challenges. Your oral health is closely related to whole-body health, which is why you need to consult with your dentist and oral surgeon to find solutions to both teeth grinding and missing teeth.

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