Common Causes of Chipped Teeth

7 Common Causes of Chipped Teeth and How to Prevent Them

Chipped teeth can be painful, and they can mar your flawless smile! Our team can help when you’ve had facial trauma that requires surgical treatment.

Common Causes of Chipped Teeth

What can cause chipped teeth?

1. Contact Sports

Football and rugby come to mind when you think of contact sports, but even a game of pickup basketball can result in chipped teeth. Flying lacrosse balls or a stray hockey puck can become dangerous projectiles as well.

You can help prevent chipped teeth by always wearing a mouthguard, even when playing a game you wouldn’t think could hurt your teeth. From soccer to field hockey, it’s essential to protect yourself.

2. Piercings in the Mouth

Sometimes you can suffer chipped teeth from a piercing inside the mouth. Accidentally biting down on a tongue ring or lip ring can be painful and damage the teeth involved.

Think carefully before piercing any area near or inside your mouth. You could be putting your oral health at risk!

3. Chewing Non-Edibles

Chewing on anything that isn’t meant to be eaten can cause damage to your teeth. This includes pencils, ice, fingernails and more. Try to chew gum instead!

4. Extensive Cavity Damage

If you don’t take care to prevent cavities, you could wind up with weak teeth after extensive decay has taken a toll. Your teeth will be more susceptible to chips and cracks if they have multiple cavities and need many fillings over the years. Make dental care your top priority!

5. Imbalanced Bite

Sometimes, just the way your teeth meet when you close your mouth can make them more susceptible to injury. If you have an imbalanced bite, your teeth could suffer as a result. Talk to our team or your dentist for a full assessment of your bite.

6. Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Sometimes there is nothing you can do to prevent chipped teeth, like when you slip and fall and hit your mouth. Accidents are accidents, but make sure you know who to call when you have serious tooth damage (us!).

7. Teeth Grinding

Grinding your teeth is another way you could wear down the enamel and weaken them over time. Talk to your dentist about getting a mouthguard, or see if you need corrective surgery if a bad bite is the cause of your grinding.

We Can Help

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