5 Tips for a Speedy Recovery from Oral Surgery

5 Tips for a Speedy Recovery from Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is usually painless, fast and comfortable. But the recovery process isn’t always as easy.

During this time, you’re not allowed to eat solid foods or talk much. As a result, it’s easy to become bored and try to speed through your recovery time.

Unfortunately, there is no shortcut that will allow you to jump out of bed and into a normal routine. You will need to rest for a couple of days and take it easy. However, with that being said, there are a couple of things you can do to help speed up the recovery process a little.

Here are 5 tips to give you a faster recovery from oral surgery.

5 Tips for a Speedy Recovery from Oral Surgery

1. Gently Rinse Your Mouth with Warm Salt Water

A saltwater rinse is one of the best ways to help your mouth heal after surgery. The salt has a lot of benefits. First, it’s made of minerals that occur naturally in our bodies. This makes it less invasive than some of the stronger, medicinal mouthwashes.

Another benefit of salt water is that it changes the pH of your mouth so that it’s harder for bacteria and other harmful organisms to survive.

You can do this a couple of times a day.

2. Drink Lots of Fluids

Water plays such an important role in our bodies. The better hydrated you are, the better your body will be able to heal. Also avoid drinking through a straw, as the suction in your mouth could reopen the wounds.

3. Ice the Area for Two Days

The first 24 to 48 hours are the most important times to ice your jaw or mouth. Your mouth will still be processing the surgery and responding to it.

Ice will help limit the swelling and pain that you feel from the surgery.

4. Sleep

Our bodies do most of their healing when we are sleeping. It can be difficult to sleep after oral surgery, especially if you are in pain, so take an over-the-counter pain reliever before bed if necessary.

5. Avoid Alcohol and Tobacco

Both alcohol and tobacco inhibit the healing process in the body. This is harmful even when you’re healthy. However, after your surgery, it’s important that you try and avoid alcohol and tobacco as much as you can.

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The mouth heals faster than most other parts of your body. You’ll be able to get back to normal life quickly.

However, if you’re in a hurry to get going, try these simple five steps to help your mouth heal itself after oral surgery. Contact us to learn more about oral surgery procedures and the recovery.