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4 Reasons Not to Put Off Oral Surgery

When oral surgery is recommended by your dentists and surgeons alike, is it advisable to wait? In the vast majority of cases, the answer is no.

oral surgery Utah

Whether you’re trying to delay the procedure due to financial reasons or until you have more time to relax and recover, your health should always come first. And when oral surgery is your dental professional’s answer to the problem you’re facing, you shouldn’t put it off.

Why not?

1.Dental Problems Don’t Usually Get Better with Time

Impacted wisdom teeth or a bad temporomandibular joint — whatever condition you’re
suffering from is not likely to resolve on its own. That’s probably why your dentist is
adamant that you schedule your oral surgery as soon as possible. Delaying treatment is
usually not the best decision, because the problem will likely only get worse.

2.Infection Could Lead to Complications

Certain conditions may make you more vulnerable to infection, and as time goes by, this risk
may increase. Infection in your teeth or jaw can make additional treatment necessary, such as
a root canal. Complications like infections also mean longer recovery times and higher
medical bills — two circumstances you probably want to avoid.

3.Early Intervention Means a Simpler Surgery

For some cases, the earlier you get oral surgery, the better. For example, when your wisdom
teeth aren’t developing properly and your dentist recommends that you have them removed,
delaying the procedure will only make it more difficult when the time comes. Giving the
wisdom teeth more time in your mouth allows them to develop deeper roots that are anchored
to the jawbone.

This makes the surgery that much longer and puts you at a higher risk of nerve damage and
other complications. Also, it could lengthen the recovery process and make the entire
experience more uncomfortable for you than it has to be.

4.It Can Cause Additional Problems

In instances in which you have a dental problem that’s affecting your other teeth, like
impacted wisdom teeth that are developing incorrectly, waiting to have oral surgery will only
cause more dental problems. Your other teeth may crowd together, undoing the progress from
any past orthodontic work and making your teeth difficult to clean.

Don’t wait until you’re in pain — schedule your oral surgery today. You will be happy once your
procedure is over and you’re well on your way to a complete recovery.

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