oral surgery for kids

3 Reasons Kids Need Oral Surgery

Kids need oral surgery on occasion. Even though children’s teeth are still growing and developing, surgical intervention is sometimes necessary to correct problems.

oral surgery for kids

When kids need oral surgery, parents may worry. It can be nerve-wracking to see your child undergo a serious medical or dental procedure, but you’re not alone — children everywhere require oral surgery, usually for one of three common reasons.

1. Tooth Trauma

Children are active and regularly sustain all sorts of scrapes, cuts and bruises in the course of their play. While kids are resilient, sometimes their teeth can’t stand up to the roughhousing. Tooth trauma can happen during sports games, at the playground or in the home, and it must be handled quickly limit long-term damage.

Oral surgery is sometimes the only way to preserve a child’s natural teeth and jawbone.

2. Infection

Surgery could also be necessary if a child’s dental decay has progressed past a certain point. If infection has reached the tooth’s inner pulp, spread to nearby teeth or is affecting the jawbone, tooth extraction may be necessary. Complex extractions that can’t be performed in a dentist’s office could require an oral surgeon’s expertise.

3. Orthodontic Issues

Impacted teeth warrant extraction as well, if not for infection issues, then for orthodontic reasons. Impacted teeth can have an adverse effect on how the rest of the teeth develop.

Also, some children may require a labial frenectomy, the removal of a fold of tissue that can develop in between the two front teeth and affect tooth alignment.

Is Your Child a Candidate?

If you have one of these three concerns, ask your dentist if your child is a candidate for oral surgery. For some patients, a nonsurgical approach is preferable.

We Care for Your Family Every Step of the Way

When kids need oral surgery, you need a dental professional you can trust to assess and manage their case. Northeast Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery is on your side. We are here to assist with extractions, dental restorations and any other procedures needed for your child’s oral health. Call today to set up a consultation with our surgical team.