3 Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Some tooth extractions are unavoidable. Even though all dentists and oral surgeons are trained to save natural teeth whenever possible, certain situations preclude this option.

Tooth Extraction

Here are the top three most common reasons you might need a tooth extraction:

Damage Can’t Be Repaired

In many cases, tooth extraction is the only option when a cavity has taken over. When removing the decayed portion of the tooth will not leave enough natural bone for a crown or filling, a dentist or oral surgeon may decide that removal is the best course of action.

Other causes of tooth damage, such as facial trauma due to an accident, can crack or fracture a tooth enough so it has the same problem and needs to be removed, but deep cavities are the most common reason a tooth extraction is necessary.

Teeth Are Too Crowded

Teeth are commonly removed for orthodontic and dental health reasons. For example, when wisdom teeth, the third molars, begin to develop in the back of the jaw, your mouth may not have enough space for them to come through. They could become impacted, meaning they are stuck in the gums, only partially able to break through. This can cause other teeth to shift.

Impacted molars also are difficult to keep clean. The area might become inflamed and uncomfortable. Trapped food and bacteria will eventually lead to cavities, so removal of all problematic wisdom teeth is the best way to address the issue.

Growing Infection or Disease

If a tooth was cracked or decayed enough to expose the inner pulp, allowing infection to gain a foothold, it may be too late to save the tooth. Also, gum disease can lead to rapid deterioration of the tooth’s roots and the jawbone. Aggressive forms of the condition or untreated periodontal disease can influence the need for a tooth extraction.

You Have Many Tooth Restoration Options

With today’s modern advancements in dentistry, a tooth extraction is not as formidable as you may think.

First of all, you will feel only minor discomfort or nothing at all during the procedure. Afterward, you’ll have many different options to restore your smile, from dental implants to bridges and more. Even if you’ve experienced severe bone loss, bone grafting and jaw surgery can help rebuild your facial structure and improve your dental health, making your teeth more beautiful than ever.

From a routine tooth extraction like wisdom tooth removal to dental implants and more, you can trust Northeast Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery to walk you through the process of restoring your smile and improving your confidence.