10 Safe Foods to Eat After Oral Surgery

If you’ve had oral surgery, you won’t be able to eat hard, crunchy, chewy or spicy foods for a while, but you still need nourishment.

Food After Oral Surgery

Consider these 10 healthy options and you will avoid complications and have less swelling.


Find a low-sugar applesauce and you’ll be feeding your body a healthy snack full of vitamin C and fiber. It’s soft and smooth, and it will go down easy while you recover from oral surgery.


Instant oatmeal cooks fast and it’s hearty. It will fill you up and satisfy those hunger pangs you start to get by the second or third day of a soft-foods-only diet. Don’t eat it while it’s piping hot; since your mouth might still be numb, you could burn your tongue.


Soups are full of nutrition, but don’t eat soups with large chunks of meat, like beef stew. Try to stick to chicken noodle soup that has soft, small pieces of vegetables and meat. Tomato soup is also a tasty option.


Just because you had oral surgery doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy dessert. Chocolate or vanilla pudding is a delicious snack or treat for after your main course. If you are not a fan of pudding, try gelatin – they’re both easy to prepare.


Smoothies are perfect for breakfast, snacks, lunch or dinner. When you are recovering from oral surgery, a smoothie is the perfect energy boost any time of day. Add protein and a banana to make it extra filling.

Scrambled Eggs

Lightly scrambled eggs with shredded cheese are a good breakfast option for a few days post-surgery. You don’t have to chew too hard, but it’s a good start when you’re beginning to incorporate solid food back into your diet.

Macaroni and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese is another food that’s perfect as a stepping stone back to a solid diet. You can buy pre-made, microwaveable meals, make it from a box or cook it from scratch. Regardless, it’s a yummy, filling meal.

Soft Fruit

Bananas, blueberries and seedless raspberries are all soft fruits that can be gently chewed once you’re a few days into your recovery.

Mashed Potatoes

Substantial and full of fiber, mashed potatoes with butter, sour cream or gravy are good, depending on what you’re craving. You could also whip up mashed sweet potatoes with cinnamon and sugar for a different flavor.


Full of protein, potassium and calcium, yogurt comes in countless flavors. Whether you eat it alone or use it as an ingredient in your smoothie, make this a staple in your diet when you’re bouncing back from oral surgery to speed up the healing process.

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